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A Cast of Thousands

The story of the Spiralchain is a tale about a group of complex, ornery main characters that are surrounded on all sides by a frankly ridiculous number of supporting cast members. The cast got so big that popular demand forced a Cast of Characters list into the front of each book starting with Volume 4 (Fatewaker), and those lists have gotten bigger with each book. I’ll be honest–I don’t expect that trend to slow down in Book 7 either.

While a cast of such prodigious size can be intimidating to those thinking of jumping in to the series for the first time, you have to remember that it took us years to get to this point! Each of the 8 worlds of the Spiral has its own cast of crazy, interesting, troubling, and charming women and men, and it is only as we draw closer to the end that all of those casts start to interact and collide in fun ways.

The hardest part about maintaining the Cast of Characters lists at the front of each book is deciding how much information to give about characters who appear for the first time in that book. Back in Fatewaker, major characters had a brief descriptive blurb. That has gone by the wayside now in favor of more objective, factual information.

As a rule, the Cast listing will tell you if a character is a member of any special order or organization and it will tell you if they are notably related to anyone else in the cast. And, of course, it will tell you what world each character is from.*

For those wondering, the word used to describe a person from each of the eight worlds is…

  • Nurian
  • From Core (there is no fancy word for people from Core, though if forced to give one, it would be Coreborn)
  • Depalese
  • Onusborn
  • Arctosian
  • Murrodite
  • Reik
  • Pithysian

One of these days, the Cast of Characters lists for each book (maybe even ones for the first books that lack them) will be housed here on Until then, you can browse the names, affiliations, relationships, and origins of our entire cast, one book at a time, at the front of Fatewaker, Shadowbender, or Boltsender. And, in less than a year, Bloodmender will join that list with the penultimate chapter of our eight book journey across parallel worlds and perilous prophecies.

* The reason that the Fatewaker Cast of Characters does not list the origin point of the characters is to preserve a critical revelation from that book. I agonized over what to do about that for WEEKS!


New Story… and New Novel!

Check out the Downloads page for the newest Spiralchain short story, Sun Setter! This tale, set ten years after the Ban on World Travel, is a bit of slice-of-life story aout the world of Pithysia, but it takes a sharp turn quickly and intriduces some of the many-layered mysteries of the farthest world in the Spiral.

This story was created as a reward for the Kickstarter campaign that funded the publication of Spiralchain: Shadowbender.

Speaking of Kickstarters… it is that time again! On October 1st, the Kickstarter for Book 6, Boltsender, will go live! Stay tuned here, on our Facebook page, and (most importantly) on Kickstarter for all kinds of awesome news in the month ahead.

I am especially excited for the special series of video updates that I am planning for Backers Only… an awesome peek inside the 8 worlds of the Spiral and inside the minds of our principle characters.

War Dancer and Final Days

A brand new Spiralchain short story, War Dancer, is now available in the Downloads section! This story was produced as a stretch goal for the Fatewaker Kickstarter campaign and tells a story of Jara’s father, the Duchess Rura, and a small but powerful political secret known only to a handful of people on all of Onus.

In other news, the Kickstarter pre-order campaign for the fifth book in the Spiralchain, Shadowbender has about a week left! Head over to Kickstarter to get your copy of Shadowbender and help unlock additional exciting projects and rewards!


Book 5 Kickstarter is Live

The latest book in the Spiralchain, SHADOWBENDER, is now live on Kickstarter for pre-order!


What happens when everything you believe about your Purpose comes apart at the seams? Steven Mollison has been many things—he’s been a student, a soldier, a police officer, and even a mystical shaper of shadows. But with the door between worlds slammed shut in his face, he and all of the other Children of the Line must consider the possibility that their future is not the grand adventure that was prophesied. After months of living mundane lives back home, the glimmering possibility emerges of a way back once more into the Spiral of Worlds. But what perils await along this new road, and what discoveries lurk in the shadows that will test Steven and his friends? When all the forces of destiny have been turned aside, what choices will be made by these young people as the darkness of the Rot closes its grip on the eight worlds? The battle to turn back the Foreverot begins here, and Steven stands at its center. 

Shadowbender picks up right after the shattering conclusion of Fatewaker, and you can get your copy in e-book, paperback, hardcover, or deluxe hardcover (along with copies of the rest of the books in the series) now through the end of October by clicking over to

And stay tuned in the next week or two for a new short story, set between Metalbreaker and Fatewaker, in our Downloads section!

The Quiet Year

It’s amazing to me to see that there hasn’t been a post on this website in the last year. I’ve never been great at keeping up to date, I admit, but… a whole year? That’s just awful. Especially because it has been anything BUT a quiet year for the intricate universe of the Spiralchain.

So here’s a little peak behind the curtain of all the ways that this has NOT been a quiet year!

Since the last update to this blog, METALBREAKER came out in hardcover and paperback.

Since the last update to this blog, the entirety of FATEWAKER was written (all 577 pages of it!).

Since the last update to this blog, FATEWAKER had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign.

Since the last update to this blog, FATEWAKER released in e-book.

Since the last update to this blog, a new short story (Chaos Bringer) was published on our DOWNLOADS page.

Since the last update to this blog, plans for a Spiralchain card game AND role-playing game have both advanced considerably, though neither will release in 2016.

Since the last update to this blog, plans for a 2016 release of the first Spiralchain short story anthology (title as yet unknown) were finalized.

So this has not been a quiet year at all! And the year to come will be busy indeed–but hopefully I will be able to keep this site better updated. Here is the vow: New content every month in the form of interviews, behind-the-scenes articles, and updates.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Metalbreaker now available for pre-order on Amazon — Official eBook release details

Spiralchain: Metalbreaker is now available to pre-order on! I am extremely proud of this new book and the direction it moves the story, and can’t wait for you to get to know its new characters, new world… and the way that so many of the existing pieces start to click together in new (and often frightening) ways.

Metalbreaker will release in eBook EXCLUSIVELY to the Kindle format on January 5th. That same day, Gatemaker and Mindshaper will also become Kindle exclusives. The duration of this Kindle exclusivity is not yet known, but will last at least six months.

Hardcover release of Metalbreaker is expected to occur on January 15th (or thereabouts) via and the book will become available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers within a few weeks of that point.

You can always stay up to date with where each of the books in the Spiralchain is available by checking out the Buy Spiralchain Books link at the  top of this page!

Comic Strip #5

Spiralchain fan (and all-around amazing person) Brian has a secret talent… he writes (and draws) a pretty great Spiralchain-inspired comic strip! Here’s issue 5 (You can see issue 1 HERE, issue 2 HERE, issue 3 HERE, and issue 4 HERE).

If you enjoy Styrofoam: Popcornmaker, drop a line in the comments to let Brian know! I’ll post other installments in the saga as Brian gets them finished…

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