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Spiralchain Books

The Saga of the Spiralchain unfolds over eight books…


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN begins in the novel GATEMAKER. Everyone feels, at one time or another, like they just don’t belong—sometimes they’re right. Adam Childers is a seventeen year-old closeted gay high school student in middle America with an eccentric girlfriend and no one in whom he can confide. When Jara, a mysterious little girl from another world, reveals to Adam that he was born a Gatemaker, one of very few in all creation able to open doorways from one world to another, everything changes. Jara’s world suffers at the hands of a mighty warlord, and when she makes her way to Adam’s world she sees in him potential that he could never see in himself. Together, Jara, Adam, and Adam’s friends must travel to the medieval world of Onus and confront both terrible danger and their own fears if they are to set Jara’s world free and discover, once and for all, where it is they truly belong. Gatemaker is Book 1 in the Spiralchain.

GATEMAKER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback formats. It is also available on audiobook here!


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel MINDSHAPER. Every day, the people in our life try to define us—but do they really know who we are? Tatyana Harper is a college student with a complicated past and a future that she will do anything to assure. Six months ago, her world was turned upside-down when she discovered she was a Mindshaper, one of the very few in all creation able to connect with and manipulate the minds of those around her. Drawn into the struggle between the others like her—the Children of the Line—and the monstrous Obliviates that lurk in the shadows of her world, she must confront the echoes of her own past and determine who she is going to be. Tatyana and her friends must travel to an unknown world in search of the technology that will end this war, but what cost will this journey demand of her? Of all of them? Mindshaper is Book 2 in the Spiralchain.

MINDSHAPER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback formats.


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel METALBREAKER. Can we know courage without first knowing fear? JC Stein was just sixteen years old when he threw away fear with a chain of magic bindmetal, but now he wants the fear back. Almost a year after the final, fatal confrontation with the Obliviates, he finds himself consumed with the need to travel the Spiral of Worlds again–this time in search of the only people that can free him from his false courage to find out what kind of man he’s really become. He must convince his friends to travel with him back to Onus in search of the Metalbreakers, and to do this he must convince them that it is finally time to learn the names of the last three Children of the Line. The two quests will lead them to enemies both new and old, a world of endless winter, and an event that will change the Spiral of Worlds forever. Can JC find the courage to break free of his fear… or will everything fall to ruin? Metalbreaker is Book 3 in the Spiralchain.

METALBREAKER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback formats.


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel FATEWAKER. If the future has already been written, is there any room left for choice? Jara Abison is fourteen summers old. She is the last of her kind–a Wyr, a member of an ancient order from the world of Onus gifted with the power to see into the future and charged with carrying out the grand, cosmic Purpose that drives the universe forward. She has carried this burden for two years now. Her visions have filled her with secrets and forced her to lie to her friends and family, and she has had enough. As an incredible war that now consumes two worlds grows ever more savage, Jara discovers that her visions lead to an end she cannot abide. With her friends at her side, she will seek out the truth of the Purpose on a new world and find–with any luck–a way to end the dangers that have haunted her dreams. If Jara can not find the courage and wisdom to defy the Purpose, the Spiral of Worlds will be undone. But if she can… what happens then? What is the cost of fate denied? Fatewaker is Book 4 in the Spiralchain.

FATEWAKER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback formats.


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel SHADOWBENDER. What happens when everything you believe about your Purpose comes apart at the seams? Steven Mollison has been many things—he’s been a student, a soldier, a police officer, and even a mystical shaper of shadows. But with the door between worlds slammed shut in his face, he and all of the other Children of the Line must consider the possibility that their future is not the grand adventure that was prophesied. After months of living mundane lives back home, the glimmering possibility emerges of a way back once more into the Spiral of Worlds. But what perils await along this new road, and what discoveries lurk in the shadows that will test Steven and his friends? When all the forces of destiny have been turned aside, what choices will be made by these young people as the darkness of the Rot closes its grip on the eight worlds? The battle to turn back the Foreverot begins here, and Steven stands at its center. Shadowbender is Book 5 in the Spiralchain.

SHADOWBENDER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback formats.


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel BOLTSENDER. Do we leave behind the mistakes of the past, or are we forced to carry them with us forever? Colton Taylor was born to fix things, but for far too long, he’s been failing. A lifetime of struggles with drugs and emotional abandonment didn’t prepare Colton for his destiny as a Boltsender, one of the rare beings in the Spiral of Worlds able to create and command raw energy. After years of bad decisions and dangerous choices, he finds himself in the center of the violent battle between the Children of the Line and the abhorrent forces of the Rot. The Purpose has brought them to this place—confronting the intelligence at the heart of the Foreverot directly. But as Colton and his friends slowly uncover more of the secret origins of the Spiral and its dark foe, they will be drawn once more across the spaces between worlds. The possibility of victory has never been more real, but the cost of failure has never been deadlier. If the Rot is to be overcome, Colton will have to finally fix the thing that’s been broken the longest… himself. Boltsender is Book 6 in the Spiralchain.

BOLTSENDER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback.


The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel BLOODMENDER. What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was a lie? Who decides what’s real? Cruz Moreno only ever wanted to blend into the background. That dream fell all to pieces when she learned she was a Bloodmender, one of the rare beings in the Spiral of Worlds able to heal wounds and transform flesh. That miraculous power has helped her to save the day many times, but it may no longer be enough. Trapped alone on the mysterious world of Pithysia, Cruz must recover a powerful artifact if she is to have any hope of defeating the Foreverot that threatens to destroy everything that lives. Along the way, she has to find out what happened to the rest of her friends, what terrible secrets the religions of Pithysia are hiding… and who she really is. Because Cruz Moreno has a secret that he has been keeping his whole life. Coming to terms with his identity will either be the key to finally ending the threat of the Foreverot… or the deathblow to the Spiral of Worlds. Bloodmender is Book 7 in the Spiralchain.

BLOODMENDER is now available in eBook and Paperback (with Hardcover coming soon!)

Omnigenos Chronicles Books

Explore the Omnigenos Chronicles through two series: Next Alliance and Team-Up Tales!

Next Alliance 1: False Starts

In a world of super-heroes and evil villains threatening global domination, the world’s premier super-team, the United Alliance, has a new mission. They must seek out the next generation of super-powered omnigeni and train them to become the NEXT ALLIANCE!

But starting a super-team is no easy task for adults, and it is an even harder job for a group of young people. The Allies must bring together an eclectic sextet of teenagers that all carry their own fears, struggles, and secrets.

Together, these six young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can ever learn to get along.

False Starts is now available in eBook and Paperback formats.

Next Alliance 2: Standing Tall

After less than two months, the Next Alliance is already a mess. Grounded after the events of their last mission, the team is without their mentor, without their freedom, and without hope of ever stepping up to be the heroes they know they can be. But when the young heroine known as Ms. Mega escapes from her prison in the Antipodes Continuum, she sets into motion events that will challenge the Next Allies to stand tall in the face of incredible odds…

Together, these six young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can finally start to trust one another.

Standing Tall is now available in eBook and Paperback formats.

Next Alliance 3: Lashing Out

Tradition Week is here! Locked in their school with members of the villainous Think Tank, the Next Allies will be forced to confront their darkest secrets and inner fears. With the sinister Rage Wraith pulling everyone’s strings, there’s no telling what will happen when pent up frustrations are finally free to lash out…

Together, these seven young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can ever forgive one another.

Lashing Out is now available in eBook and Paperback formats.

Next Alliance 4: Breaking Down

The Next Allies have been captured! Even if they can escape, how will they handle the disappearance of the United Alliance, the next fiendish ploy by Eventide, and a stunning new threat that will challenge the team as never before?  How much can seven young people take before they break down…

Together, these seven young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can survive what’s coming next.

Breaking Down is now available in eBook and Paperback formats.

Team-Up Tales 1: Tangles

In a world of super-heroes and super-villains, sometimes the only way for good to defeat evil is for the heroes to work together. These are TEAM-UP TALES!

Pine Grove, Colorado has just two super-heroes… and both of them are just kids!

But when a team of super-villains comes to town with an evil plan, can these two heroes find a way to work together? What will they do when they learn that they have far more in common than they could ever imagine?

Tangles is now available in eBook and Paperback formats.

The Author

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.00.39 PM.pngA teacher and enthusiastic nerd, Jeremiah L. Schwennen grew up on a dairy goat farm in a small town in Iowa. After an exciting childhood and the acquisition of a hard-fought degree in English Education from Iowa State University, he now finds himself happily married to an amazing man. By day Jeremiah teaches English and reading in various capacities in central Iowa, and by night he reads comic books, watches science fiction TV shows, and both writes and plays as many board and role-playing games as he possibly can.

You can learn more about Jeremiah by visiting his ridiculously infrequent blog, Inkspots and Random Thoughts, at

You can also contact the author with questions, comments, or other inquiries by e-mailing

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Novels of the Spiralchain

Book 1: Gatemaker, Book 2: Mindshaper, Book 3: Metalbreaker, Book 4: Fatewaker, Book 5: Shadowbender, Book 6: Boltsender, and Book 7: Bloodmender

Next Up: Book 8: Wraithtender

Novels of the Omnigenos Chronicles

The Next Alliance Series: False Starts, Standing Tall, Lashing Out, Breaking Down

The Team-Up Tales Series: Tangles, Twists

Next Up: Next Alliance: Fairy Tale, Team-Up Tales: Threads, Crossover: Titanstorm

Role-Playing Books

All role-playing game titles below are linked directly to the best source of RPGs on the web, Drivethrurpg.

Dark Places (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Patient Zero: An Equinox Adventure Pack (Supplement for Equinox) from Vagrant Workshop

Next Up: Supragen: The Omnigenos Chronicles RPG Startup Guide (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop, Nightrising Setting Guide (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Contributor to Equinox Match System Guide (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Major Contributor to Equinox: Gateway and the Protectorate (Sourcebook) from Vagrant Workshop

Major Contributor to Equinox: Elite Paths (Sourcebook) from Vagrant Workshop

Contributor to Earthdawn: Age of Legend (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Contributor to Earthdawn: Namegivers of Barsaive (Sourcebook) from Redbrick LTD

Contributor to Earthdawn: Nations of Barsaive IV — Crystal Raiders (Sourcebook) from Redbrick LTD

Contributor to Earthdawn: Misguided Ambitions (Introductory Adventure) from Redbrick LTD

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