The Author

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.00.39 PM.pngA teacher and enthusiastic nerd, Jeremiah L. Schwennen grew up on a dairy goat farm in a small town in Iowa. After an exciting childhood and the acquisition of a hard-fought degree in English Education from Iowa State University, he now finds himself happily married to an amazing man. By day Jeremiah teaches English and reading in various capacities in central Iowa, and by night he reads comic books, watches science fiction TV shows, and both writes and plays as many board and role-playing games as he possibly can.

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Expanded Bibliography

Novels of the Spiralchain

Book 1: Gatemaker, Book 2: Mindshaper, Book 3: Metalbreaker, Book 4: Fatewaker, Book 5: Shadowbender, and Book 6: Boltsender

Next Up: Book 7: Bloodmender

Novels of the Omnigenos Chronicles

The Next Alliance Series: False Starts, Standing Tall, Lashing Out, Breaking Down

The Team-Up Tales Series: Tangles

Next Up: Next Alliance: Story Book, Team-Up Tales 2, Mega-Event: The Wish Revolution

Role-Playing Books

All role-playing game titles below are linked directly to THE best source of RPGs on the web, Drivethrurpg.

Dark Places (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Patient Zero: An Equinox Adventure Pack (Supplement for Equinox) from Vagrant Workshop

Next Up: Nightrising Setting Guide (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Contributor to Equinox Match System Guide (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Major Contributor to Equinox: Gateway and the Protectorate (Sourcebook) from Vagrant Workshop

Contributor to Earthdawn: Age of Legend (Core book) from Vagrant Workshop

Contributor to Earthdawn: Namegivers of Barsaive (Sourcebook) from Redbrick LTD

Contributor to Earthdawn: Nations of Barsaive IV — Crystal Raiders (Sourcebook) from Redbrick LTD

Contributor to Earthdawn: Misguided Ambitions (Introductory Adventure) from Redbrick LTD

Learn more about Vagrant Workshop at