April 2019 Update

It’s been too long since an update, so let’s make one right now!

Spiralchain: Bloodmender is on target for a January, 2020 release. Work on Act I is moving along nicely, and expect some light chatter about that to start flowing through the Twitter @spiralchain soon for those who want regular updates. Remember that the final book, Wraithtender, is currently scheduled for a January, 2022 release.

Next Alliance 4: Breaking Down is now available! Print copies are available on Amazon and e-books (for both NA4 and NA3) will be available on Kindle starting April 15th. The book will be featured at the Ankeny Authors Fair in Ankeny, IA on April 13th, 2019 for anyone who happens to be local… and watch the Omnigenos Chronicles Facebook page for information for how non-local people can get a signed copy!

Next Alliance Promo 1: Behold, The Next Allies! is a super cool project available in-person only! The Ankeny Authors Fair is your first chance to get it… stay tuned for other opportunities! This is your first chance to get color images of the main case thanks to the amazing artistic talents of Gener Pedriña, and the images will be added to the Codex wiki in the coming months.

Spiralchain: Mindshaper on Audio is still recording. Not sure what our formal release date will be, but we’ll make a lot of noise when we know! Until then, have you checked out Gatemaker on Audio? GO DO THAT!

Spiralchain: the Board Game is in final graphic design right now. The game works well and has been put through a number of paces. Expect more news (and photographs!) about this in Summer 2019.

Several other projects are in time-out right now as we wait for the stars to align…

Top Secret Next Alliance Project.

Mega-Event: The Wish Revolution.

Team-Up Tales 2 (Untitled)

Spiralchain Short Story Collection (Untitled)

That’s about where we are right now, folks. Nothing terribly exciting, but a decent roadmap of what the future holds for the next couple of years.

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