Kickstarter Supporters

Some people take a chance on the unknown, and it is to those people that the story of the Spiralchain is forever indebted. The people listed below invested time, enthusiasm, and money in the fund-raising process to make it possible to release Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, and Boltsender on-time and in all three formats.

The folks below are heroes, one and all.

Graphic Design / Cover Art
Andrew J. Aguirre

Advance Readers
Jeremy Bonefas (Gatemaker MVP)
Justin Kolehart (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Vincent O’Brien (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Andrew Adams (Shadowbender, Boltsender)

Kickstarter Special Mention – Extraordinary Contributors
Tyson Hood (Mindshaper, Boltsender)
Karen Brinkley (Mindshaper)
Tyler Downs (Mindshaper)
Tasha and Jeremy Cue (Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Boltsender)
Jukibu (Metalbreaker)
Markus “Mark” Bomke (Metalbreaker)
Andrew Adams (Fatewaker, Shadowbender)
Kas Kelly (Fatewaker)
Justin Kolehart (Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Cullen Denison (Shadowbender)

Kickstarter Backers
Justin Kolehart (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker)
Jason Roth (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Melissa Spencer (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Brian Peterson (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Vidar Edland (Mindshaper)
Christi Donald (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Tom Aguirre Jr. (Mindshaper)
Ryan Hagen-Sutton (Mindshaper)
Tara Schwennen (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Stacy Frelund (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker)
Anita Miller (Mindshaper, Fatewaker, Boltsender)
Kas Kelly (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Josh “JP” Parrish (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Jeremy and Tasha Cue (Mindshaper, Shadowbender)
Joe Van Haecke (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender)
Steven Holt (Mindshaper)
Krista Hoxie (Mindshaper)
SwordFire (Mindshaper, Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Boltsender)
Steve Perkins (Mindshaper)
Jeff Sorensen (Metalbreaker)
Tyson Hood (Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender)
Jamie Cole (Metalbreaker)
Karen Brinkley (Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Scott O’Neil (Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender)
Robert Derifield (Metalbreaker)
Shyann Bohling (Metalbreaker)
Jeremy Bonefas (Metalbreaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Ellen Power (Metalbreaker, Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Cullen Denison (Metalbreaker, Boltsender)
Derek “Pineapple Steak” Swoyer (Metalbreaker)
Heather Bird-Cooper (Fatewaker, Boltsender)
Markus Bomke (Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Ryan Rowley (Fatewaker, Shadowbender)
The Frelund Family (Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Amber M. Graeber (Fatewaker, Boltsender)
Sarah (Fatewaker)
Mimi Willoughby (Fatewaker)
Jukibu (Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Michael Hayes (Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Chad Bowden (Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Don, Beth & Meghan Ferris (Fatewaker, Shadowbender)
Sandi Tollari (Fatewaker)
Angie Witt (Fatewaker)
Wilma Gajdel (Fatewaker, Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Noelle (Fatewaker)
Jamie O’Brien (Fatewaker)
Kimberly Martorano (Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Janice Schwennen (Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Rissa Lyn (Shadowbender)
ProfessorCat (Shadowbender)
Vincent O’Brien (Shadowbender, Boltsender)
Biomechanical Robotics Group (Shadowbender)
Kip (Boltsender)
Aaron Robinson (Boltsender)
James Wylder (Boltsender)
Cathy (Boltsender)
Andrew Adams (Boltsender)
Cindy Slinger (Boltsender)
Rhel (Boltsender)
Sparky (Boltsender)
Carsten Damm (Boltsender)
Valerie Robinson (Boltsender)
Kevin M. Rohan (Boltsender)
Damian Wolffe (Boltsender)
CJ Pinegar (Boltsender)
Kellie Hanlon (Boltsender)

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