Major Updates to All Things Spiralchain

After another long season of silence here on the site, I decided that we would kick of May 2023 with a big piece of news. You can also visit the Spiralchain series page on Facebook to find out about a few awesome sales going on over at Amazon for the first few days of May in case you (or someone awesome that you know) needs some more Spiralchain goodness in your life.

The updates below are broken into two groups–updates about the novels themselves and then updates about the Foreverot board game based on the novels.

Spiralchain Series Updates

Writing continues on Spiralchain: Wraithtender, the 8th book in the series. This long-awaited volume has been coming together beautifully for a while now… but as I strive to do justice by the Children of the Line (and this novel’s viewpoint character Celia, in particular)… I have learned some pretty significant things that need to be shared with all of you.

To put it bluntly: While Wraithtender will be the final book of the 8-book cycle that was always envisioned… it will no longer be the last book in the Spiralchain saga. There will be a final volume, a ninth book, that brings all of the threads of the past 8 books, and the destiny of our beloved Children of the Line, to a thrilling and thought-provoking conclusion.

So what does that mean?

Wraithtender will go to Kickstarter in the late Fall of 2023 and is targeted to release by the end of the year.

The new volume will go to Kickstarter about four months after Wraithtender releases and is targeted for a late summer 2024 release.

While the shift away from telling the whole story in 8 books is hard on my heart, it is also something that will give the story the room it needs to bring as many of the many threads together in a cohesive and satisfying way as possible. I’m especially excited for the idea that each of the Children of the Line (and their most stalwart companions) got their own book… but the finale exists not through the thematic or perspective lens of ONE of our heroes, but of ALL of them. That feels right to me.

I suppose there’s no reason not to announce the title of that book at this point, is there?

The grand finale of the series will be called…

Chainender: The Final Saga of the Spiralchain

Watch for more details about Chainender to be revealed as part of the Wraithtender campaign. Between now and then, the focus will remain on Wraithtender, where it belongs. From the frantic escape from Nur and uncovering the mysteries of the new god of Pithysia to the world-shaking Siege of Qiy Nought and the discovery of one slim hope for victory, Wraithtender is epic in a whole new way for the series, bridging the plots spinning across all eight worlds in one book for the first time as the Absence advances inexorably towards its ultimate goal and the Children of the Line struggle to find a way to stop it without sacrificing all that they are.

Foreverot Board Game Updates

After the successful funding of not one but THREE expansions for the Spiralchain: Foreverot board game during last year’s Kickstarter campaign for Gatemaker Special Edition, I am excited to announce that we have a plan for releasing those three new expansions to the general public.

Whether you missed out on the Kickstarter or are a new fan of the cooperative board game that gives you and your friends control of the heroes that must save the Spiral of Worlds from utter ruin, Foreverot is about to enter a whole new era as we unleash the first three Saga Expansions!

Each of these expansions, meant to be added in sequence, add new mechanics, twists, and turns to the game, keeping things fresh and exciting while gradually evolving Foreverot from the straightforward challenge of the base game to the ultimate representation of the battle between humanity and the Absence that seeks to end it all.

Saga Expansion 1: Chronicles of Core will be on sale May 15, 2023 at

Saga Expansion 2: Dooms of Depal will go on sale in October, 2023

Saga Expansion 3: Omens of Onus will go on sale in early 2024

So there is a lot of great Spiralchain excitement coming soon. The big news is, of course, the decision to split Chainender into a separate book… but the release of Saga Expansions is also a big deal!

Check out our Series page on Facebook to learn more about our May sales and to get updates when Chronicles of Core goes live at thegamecrafter!

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