New Story… and New Novel!

Check out the Downloads page for the newest Spiralchain short story, Sun Setter! This tale, set ten years after the Ban on World Travel, is a bit of slice-of-life story aout the world of Pithysia, but it takes a sharp turn quickly and intriduces some of the many-layered mysteries of the farthest world in the Spiral.

This story was created as a reward for the Kickstarter campaign that funded the publication of Spiralchain: Shadowbender.

Speaking of Kickstarters… it is that time again! On October 1st, the Kickstarter for Book 6, Boltsender, will go live! Stay tuned here, on our Facebook page, and (most importantly) on Kickstarter for all kinds of awesome news in the month ahead.

I am especially excited for the special series of video updates that I am planning for Backers Only… an awesome peek inside the 8 worlds of the Spiral and inside the minds of our principle characters.

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