Mindshaper is Born!

The second novel in the Spiralchain, Mindshaper, is now available in eBook form! Check out the Buy Spiralchain Books link at the top of the page to find out how to get your own copy!

The story of Mindshaper is really the story of a number of women on the worlds of Core, Rettik, and Onus. It carries forward the stories of the characters from Gatemaker, of course, but the book really digs deeper into Tatyana, Becky, Jara, and several new characters. Pieces of the puzzle that surrounds the Purpose of the Children of the Line continue to fall into place even as the threat of the Obliviates grows at an alarming rate.

I am very proud of the stories told in Mindshaper, and I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please continue to spread the word and post reviews of both Gatemaker and Mindshaper as we grow awareness for the Spiralchain series… we still have a long haul ahead of us to reach the big finish in Book 8!

(But I am pleased to announce that Book 3 is about 1/6 done so far!)

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