End of Year Preview

2021 is all but over… and it was a year without a Spiralchain fiction release. As sad as that is, I wanted to take a few moments as the year wraps up to share some of the exciting things coming down the pipeline because of that quiet!

2021 Release Recap

I only got one new project out the doors in 2021, but it was a doozy–the long-awaited Spiralchain board game, Spiralchain: Foreverot released with a successful crowd funding campaign through The Game Crafter. The game is still available, as is the Children of the Line expansion that allows players to take on the roles of the heroic lead characters from the Spiralchain series. Stop by the links below to get your hands on copies of each… or to leave a review if you have already added them to your collection!

We also released a free PDF edition of Titanstorm Prologue for the Omnigenos Chronicles. You can learn all about this series, and get your free copy, over at Omnigenos.com!

In freelance work, a number of my 2020 roleplaying game projects finally released in print in 2021, particularly the Supragen Startup Guide.

2022 Previews

Coming early in 2022 will be the Spiralchain: Gatemaker – Special Edition Kickstarter campaign. This will be your only chance to get the amazing Deluxe Edition of the book that includes a special hardcover printing of Orphantaker, the Spiralchain prequel novella. This two-book slipcase edition will be the fanciest of options in the campaign, but there will also be e-book, paperback, and a new style of hardcover available for those without the need to get all extravagant.

The Kickstarter will feature a two-book slipcase edition in addition to e-book, paperback, and a new style of hardcover, all featuring the gorgeous new cover by Kogi.

The stretch goals for this campaign will potentially fund TWO new Spiralchain projects that otherwise won’t exist… so we will definitely want to spread the word about the Gatemaker Special Edition!

While the Kickstarter will be a nice way to keep tabs on a number of smaller Spiralchain projects, the main thing coming up in 2022 is, of course, WRAITHTENDER. The final book in the series is already being written, and it promises to deliver a conclusion that is satisfying, surprising… and hefty. I will be sharing monthly Wraithtender Updates through the Spiralchain Facebook page, so if you are not already keeping an eye over there, now’s a great time to hit that Like button.

As far as non-Spiralchain releases go for 2022, I am expecting a licensed novel set in Vagrant Workshop‘s amazing EQUINOX universe and at least one roleplaying game project to hit virtual shelves in this upcoming year.

More could happen… and less could happen. The one thing the last 2 years of pandemic writing have taught me is that I never know what the future will hold. I am grateful beyond words for the continued support of the Spiralchain community, and I look forward to sharing some amazing moments with you in 2022!

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