Who is Adam?

Every month we will spotlight one of the characters of Gatemaker and provide a little insight into who they are as the story opens. These descriptions are light on spoilers, but will hint at events to come, not just in Gatemaker but in the greater tapestry of the Spiralchain as well.

Adam Childers is a seventeen year old boy born and raised on the world of Core, in the small town of Ashfield, Iowa. The son of a factory worker and a part-time waitress, he is unaware of the amazing destiny that waits him, and the consequences of his selection as one of the fabled Children of the Line. Adam is a bit of a social outcast–a loyal friend to the few friends he has, but never quite fitting in. Several years ago, Adam’s parents separated and Adam went with his mother, Marie, to live in the bustling city of Des Moines. During his time in Des Moines he has made enemies, as one so often does in high school, but he has also found a lifelong friend in Becky, his would-be girlfriend and only true confidant. Adam struggles with defining himself, and has not yet come to grips with his latent homosexuality, choosing instead to hide behind the illusion of a romantic relationship with Becky.

Adam is the only person on Core who can do what he can do–but he does not yet know what it is he can do, or how dramatically the revelations awaiting him will alter the course of his life.

Adam’s tale most often revolves around ideas of identity and of discovery.

Adam’s story begins in Gatemaker, on sale now!


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