Who is Lyda?

Every month we will spotlight one of the characters of Gatemaker and provide a little insight into who they are as the story opens. These descriptions are light on spoilers, but will hint at events to come, not just in Gatemaker but in the greater tapestry of the Spiralchain as well.

Lyda Vigast is a strikingly beautiful woman in her thirties, born and raised on the world of Onus. Born to a pleasure-maid from the southern city of Weldaf Holc, Lyda never knew her father and has no especially close bond with her mother. For the vast majority of her life, Lyda has been obsessed with the acquisition of power–with ensuring that the circumstances of her life are dictated by no one but her. Over the years she managed to acquire power in a very real sense as she studied the magic of Gatemaking from a reluctant tutor. Once this power was in her possession, Lyda turned on her teacher and formed a fast and passionate relationship with another man of great power–the warlord Hyrak. Standing at his side as he marched his ever-growing army across the southern continent and now northward towards the stronghold of the Council at Rega Holc, Lyda will let nothing stand between her and power, glory, and prestige. She will define her role in the universe on her own terms, no matter how many people she must use to do so.

Lyda is the first woman to ever master the magic of Gatemaking, and the mark she will leave upon history is one that will leave entire city-states trembling in fear. But her greatest accomplishment will be revealed on another world, and the glories of her victories will always be shared with another, even when she does not realize it.

Lyda’s tale most often revolves around ideas of power and of hunger.

Lyda’s story begins in Gatemaker, on sale now!


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