Who is Becky?

Every month we will spotlight one of the characters of Gatemaker and provide a little insight into who they are as the story opens. These descriptions are light on spoilers, but will hint at events to come, not just in Gatemaker but in the greater tapestry of the Spiralchain as well.

Rebecca Hanson is a seventeen year old girl born and raised on the world of Core, in the city of Des Moines, Iowa. The adopted daughter of a pair of real estate agents, Becky was brought to this country from her native Laos while only a few months old, and she has never known any family except for Martin and Amanda Hanson. Becky is a rather ordinary girl who, until high school, lived a life very much alone. When she started attending high school her freshman year at Lewis High, she met and grew close to Adam Childers, a young man who became her best friend and boyfriend. Becky is clever and quick-witted, but her abrasive personality keeps her at odds with almost everyone in her life except for Adam, whom she knows needs her too badly to ever push her away, and Joe Stein, the slightly younger neighbor who has always been a part of her life.

Born into ordinary circumstances on an ordinary world, Becky does not know how she fits into the tale of the Spiralchain or what role her destiny may yet hold, but she is, as in all things, confident that she will figure it out..

Becky’s tale most often revolves around ideas of necessity and of conflict.

Becky’s story begins in Gatemaker, on sale now!


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