Status Update

Gatemaker is officially on the move!

Gatemaker is available in eBook form from both Amazon and Lulu (links in the “Buy SPIRALCHAIN” link at top of this page).

eBook release for the Nook and for the iBookstore are forthcoming (but if you use those associated devices, the file on sale at Lulu will work on your device).

Hardcover is in the proofing process and is currently at the printers.

The first Act of the second book in the series, Mindshaper, is rough drafted and being edited.

This website is still being constructed, but it’s coming along nicely.

Special Event: In February, this website will begin hosting bonus features for Spiralchain, including character background information that may not ever appear in the series and new short-short stories, called Taleflashes, that take place between books.

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