The Spiral of Worlds is breaking.

For generations, the Wyr of Onus saw, in their visions, the corrosion of the Chain that binds all worlds together. They saw the coming of the Rot and the beginning of the dark times. Then, one by one, their vision was snuffed out–they died, leaving none to see the vagaries of the future.

But the Wyr were not alone. Each of the great orders of Onus stood as one, and on a distant world–a forbidden world–they concealed their only hope to press back the coming evil. They found six children, one for each of the orders who still stood strong on Onus. They called these souls the Children of the Line; for the line of their blood, their offspring, would yield those who would turn back the Rot and stop the breaking of the Spiral of Worlds.

But then Hyrak came. A warlord of mysterious origin, with a powerful Gatemaker at his side in the form of the cruel witch Lyda, Hyrak threatened to destroy all of Onus.

One little girl, a refugee from the razing of the Academy of Gar, has escaped the warlord’s grasp. She has found a way, thanks to a blind, outcast Gatemaker, to the forbidden world of Core. There, she will find the Children of the Line, and she will bring them back to Onus to stop Hyrak’s army once and for all–to avenge the many lives lost to his mad ambition.

But all is not as it seems… and Hyrak is not the threat against which the Children of the Line were meant to stand.

All of the plans of the Wyr are coming undone, and the future is now anyone’s guess.

The Spiral of Worlds is breaking. The Chain that binds all worlds together is corroding.

Can the young people of Core–a world so very ordinary, so very mundane–do anything against such terribly vast evil?

They will try. Never has so much rested on the shoulders of teenagers. Outcasts. People with secrets. Desires. Fears.

They are not heroes, those few young adults called by this little girl. What they may yet be, though–that is the story.

The story of the SPIRALCHAIN.

The first six books of the Spiralchain (GATEMAKER, MINDSHAPER, METALBREAKER, FATEWAKER, SHADOWBENDER, and BOLTSENDER) are now available

Book 7 of the Spiralchain, BLOODMENDER, releases in January, 2019!

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