Spiralchain Maystravaganza Part 4: NEW SHORT STORY

NINE DAYS LATE, we return to Spiralchain MAYSTRAVAGANZA! Our special, month-long celebration of Spiralchain awesomeness has come to an end, but you are still owed one last treat! Let’s get on with it…

For the final MAYSTRAVAGANZA, may I present…



As promised to the amazing Kickstarter backers that helped to bring Boltsender into the world, I present a new short story! Event Planner is the tale of Ervin Jaske, former head scientist of the Army Post Road Installation and his world’s foremost expert on the Spiralgate.

We haven’t spent any time with Ervin since our last check-in with his world, back in Shadowbender. What does an expert in Spiralgates do when he has no access to his life’s work? What, exactly, has billionaire financier Sierra Veil been up to? And most importantly, how did two important events from Boltsender impact Ervin and his world?

The answers to all of these questions, and more, can be found in the story, linked below. It is a short (10 page) check-in with a man who just wants the universe to make sense… and the forces that conspire to both make that so and to unmake it all.


Warning: Event Planner contains SIGNIFICANT spoilers for events depicted in Boltsender. It is best to avoid reading this story if you have not yet finished Spiralchain Books 1-6!

Read Event Planner (Short Short Story) now!




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