Announcing BOOK THREE!

It is my distinct pleasure to reveal the synopsis and title of the forthcoming SPIRALCHAIN: BOOK 3.

Going on-sale for pre-orders starting October 15th through Kickstarter, the third book pushes our story in exciting new directions and digs deeper into the mysteries that have been slowly accumulating since Jara first set foot upon Core at the beginning of GATEMAKER. The events of MINDSHAPER challenged our heroes in many ways, but things seemed to be, to an extent, peaceful when the last page was turned. That peace ends now.

Spiralchain: Metalbreaker

Can we know courage without first knowing fear? JC Stein was just sixteen years old when he threw away fear with a chain of magic bindmetal, but now he wants the fear back. He’s survived terrible events on four different worlds, but he’s beginning to think that somewhere along the way, he lost sight of who he really is. Almost a year after the final, fatal confrontation with the Obliviates, he finds himself consumed with the need to travel the Spiral of Worlds again–this time in search of the only people that can free him from his false courage to find out what kind of man he’s really become. He will have to convince his friends to travel with him back to Onus in search of the Metalbreakers, and to do this he must convince them that it is finally time to learn the names of the last three Children of the Line. The two quests will lead them to enemies both new and old, a world of endless winter, and an event that will change the Spiral of Worlds forever. Ruin awaits them all if JC cannot find the mettle beneath the metal.

Metalbreaker is Book 3 in the Spiralchain.

Releasing January, 2015

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