Price Changes, Paperback Update, and Mindshaper News

Two small matters that might be of interest to Spiralchain fans out there…

1. The July 1 price drop came a bit slower than expected, but all digital editions of Gatemaker should be dropping to $4.99 USD over the course of the next few days. Amazon/Kindle usually drops first, with iBookstore and Nook store taking a bit longer. Hopefully the August price drop will be right on time!

2. Paperback cover is coming along nicely. By the end of the month, if all continues on pace, the paperback edition of Gatemaker will be available through and, within another month after that, other traditional retailers. Thank you so much for your support of Gatemaker in its digital and hardcover formats! UPDATE: Paperback now available!

3. Mindshaper is coming along slow and steady, with a January 1 release date still likely. Look for previews to start in earnest in September or October.

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