The saga of the SPIRALCHAIN continues in the novel MINDSHAPER. Every day, the people in our life try to define us—but do they really know who we are? Tatyana Harper is a college student with a complicated past and a future that she will do anything to assure. Six months ago, her world was turned upside-down when she discovered she was a Mindshaper, one of the very few in all creation able to connect with and manipulate the minds of those around her. Drawn into the struggle between the others like her—the Children of the Line—and the monstrous Obliviates that lurk in the shadows of her world, she must confront the echoes of her own past and determine who she is going to be. Tatyana and her friends must travel to an unknown world in search of the technology that will end this war, but what cost will this journey demand of her? Of all of them? Mindshaper is Book 2 in the Spiralchain.

MINDSHAPER is now available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback formats.