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Who is Jara?

Every month we will spotlight one of the characters of Gatemaker and provide a little insight into who they are as the story opens. These descriptions are light on spoilers, but will hint at events to come, not just in Gatemaker but in the greater tapestry of the Spiralchain as well.

Jara Abison is a twelve year old girl born and raised on the world of Onus. The daughter of a warrior loyal to the Council that governs the free people of Onus and an unassuming maid, her pedigree is a bit more fantastic than she knows. Jara has always been a tomboy and a consummate troublemaker, an attitude only made worse by the death of her father at the hands of the warlord Hyrak. While Hyrak’s forces slowly sweep across the known world, obliterating all opposition, Jara and her mother have taken refuge at Gar Nought, a monastery located in the Green Reaches of the northern continent. Gar Nought is a sleepy little village populated by old men, and Jara chafes at being confined there instead of out avenging her father’s death. Jara has had very little contact with other children, and is incredibly bright and well-learned when she takes the time to think about things.

Jara is the inheritor of a very old and very important legacy, but she won’t take the first steps on that road until her life is upended by unspeakable tragedy.

Jara’s tale most often revolves around ideas of family and of destiny.

Jara’s story begins in Gatemaker, on sale now!



Twitter (and Outlines)

I am pleased to report that the second Act of Mindshaper now has a very solid outline. Lots of big concepts that drive the series mythology get kicked onto the field here, and some major developments for many members of our sprawling cast.

I would also like to point out that updates to all things Spiralchain are now being run through @spiralchain on Twitter. Follow that account for up-to-the-minute updates (which will post much more frequently than site updates. There may even be some nifty insights into things there!)

Discounts and Deadlines

I know that the list price on Gatemaker, as an e-book, is a bit on the high side, especially for an unproven, untested author. I also know that the book is pretty darn hefty at 180,000 words, and the price reflects that size, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is, the world works better with discounts, and I work better with deadlines.

So why not combine the two?

Starting today, every 30 days the price of Gatemaker in e-book form will drop by $0.50USD on Amazon. Every 60 days, the price of Gatemaker in e-book form will drop by $1.00USD on the iBookstore,, and (Only Amazon allows prices on e-books that don’t end in $0.99 increments). This price free-fall will continue until the first draft of Mindshaper is complete!

This means that there is the very real chance that Gatemaker may be available for free if Mindshaper hits any significant snags in writing. My suffering is everyone else’s gain! Of course, right now Mindshaper is coming along nicely–but one never knows!

As soon as Mindshaper’s first draft is done, the free-fall on pricing stops. As soon as Mindshaper goes on sale, pricing will return to regular prices.

I want to honor the folks who took a chance on Gatemaker at full price in its initial month of release. If you are a January 2013 purchaser of Gatemaker in e-book form, please contact me through the comments section on this post to be included in a very special opportunity to be announced this summer! Names must be submitted via comments before February 15th, 2013 for consideration. Individuals may be asked questions (easily answerable by one in possession of the e-book) to verify ownership.